A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Move using arrow keys.

Press space to create a clone at your location. Your clone will repeat all moves you have made in the current level, starting with your first.
When you've filled all pink circles with white circles in the limited number of steps, you can progress to the next level.

R - Reset the level.
Backspace - Undo
Return - Next level (if solved) 

If you're on Linux or Mac you'll need Löve2D 11.x to open the file "onepath.love".

Oh, and we kind of forgot to limit the number of clones you can create, so please don't create more clones than there are targets :D

Oh, and we also forgot to do anything when the levels run out so the game will just crash. Luckily it takes a very long time to finish all levels so you probably won't play the game for that long anyway.

This game was made by coldiv.itch.io and me.

Install instructions

On Windows extract the zip and run onepath/onepath.exe

On Linux and Mac download "onepath.love" and install Love2D 11.x from love2d.org to run it.


onepath.zip 3 MB
onepath.love 10 kB

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